Smart Tips for Packing Shoes During Travels

Though not all of you might agree on this but even packing a backpack for a business trip or leisure trip is an art. Many people could pack a lot of things in a small bag and never complain about less space.

On the other hand, most of the people have something extra that goes crammed in the bag and somehow loses its original shape at the end of the trip. No doubt, shoes are one of these products that you rarely pack according to your desires due to lack of space.

However, when you wish to take the best luggage for business travels, we can help you in all that you need. Here are some of the most effective tips to carry your shoes in a trip without even falling short of space:


It could be tempting to pack a lot of shoes on a trip, but you will surely regret your decision. Instead, all you need is just 3 pairs of good footwear for the trip, including the one that you are wearing. One formal pair, a casual and a pair of flip-flops is all that you need for a few days’ trip.


This is the foremost tip offered to a traveler, whether concerned with the clothes or the shoes. A bulky pair of shoes will always occupy more space and add to your luggage weight as well. To do away with these issues, you are better off wearing them during the travels.


While you pack dirty shoes, they not only spoil the other materials such as your dress etc. but also induce an unwanted smell in the entire luggage. Therefore, make sure that all the footwear you are packing are absolutely clean.


You can easily get the best travel shoe bags from a good store such as Izygo and use these smart bags to pack the footwear and keep them away from the rest of the products. These bags are waterproof and dust-proof as well to prevent any kind of issues arising from or to your shoes.


Instead of packing them haphazardly, make a layer of shoes in your bag, just as you layer the clothes. Not only it will save space in your bag but also help the security personnel during the security checks.


In every kind of packing, you would always compress your shoes to save some space. No doubt, this mutilates their shape. Instead, if you are confident that your shoes are clean, you can stuff them with petty products such as socks, adapters, cables, jewelry, undergarments, belts, makeup products and other such small articles which take up some space. In the process, you save some extra space and also save the shape of your shoes.


These are some of the major tips and tricks that you can use while packing up your travel shoes, whether for a business trip or others. If you have some other tips, do mention them in the comment section.

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