Corona Virus and Business Travels: All You Wish to Know

WHO has declared Coronavirus (COVID-19) as a World Pandemic and it is surely on a rise. While it has engulfed people from almost every country in the world, it has also affected the global economy a great deal.

No doubt, the countries have banned tourists and even the people stranded in the other countries are finding it unsafe to travel. In such a case, business travels too have got affected majorly.

Forget flights, even trains, subways, and local transports are considered unsafe to use. And Lord Forbid! In case an undetected patient with coronavirus uses such means of transport, the others are in for a life-threatening disaster.

In such a case, how do you think you would carry out normal business travels? Do you think it is safe?

Well, while airlines and railways have advised minimum travels, but if it is necessary, you can always use these means of transportation with a bit of precaution.



Prevention is better than cure and therefore, it is necessary to carry the personal safety equipment such as safety masks, a number of clean handkerchiefs, hand sanitizers, soaps and other elements that you find necessary.

Besides, carry your own towels and bath gowns etc. and avoid using the ones provided by the hotels.


Unless really necessary, avoid touching the handles, seats, seatbelts, oxygen masks and handrest etc. when you travel. Since these elements are high in usage, they are high at risk of containing unwanted germs too.

Also, avoid using public lavatories and wash your hands properly before and after.


Whether you are traveling or in a hotel room, whether in a conference room or at a public place, it is important to ensure personal hygiene.

For instance, do not touch any unwanted product, person or animal, avoid shaking hands while greeting people, make sure you wear your masks when out in a public place, wash your hands every time after you return from a public place and use sanitizers etc. profusely.

Besides, if you experience any form of flu or infection, make sure you get yourself checked by an expert. Keeping a bit of distance from a suspected or infected person is also essential.


Business trips are not essentially for business reasons. You can always use the leftover time to chillout at the most visited spots in the city.

However, while the risk of coronavirus is showing up in new numbers every single day, visiting such crowded spots and tourist destinations is also a great risk.

Therefore, avoiding such tours to a crowded place is good enough for you.

Or else, if you really need to chillout, make sure you keep all the safety precautions.


Coronavirus (COVID-19) is spreading its wings and is growing uncontrollably. While you travel for business purposes, make sure you take all the necessary precautions and keep yourself safe amidst this growing pandemic.

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