5 - Step Checklist for Planning a Business Trip

If the entirety of your business trip needs to be planned by you, things could get really tough. It’s because you need to plan for your business meets while also keeping track of your personal needs.

And business trips are not solely meant for businesses. If you do have time in spare, what’s wrong in taking a nice view of the city that you perhaps may not visit again.

Here is a checklist of the major essentials that you need to keep track of while planning a business trip:


Even before you plan your transportation, the very first element you would love to choose is your staying spot. And some good hotels in the traveling city would surely serve your purpose.

However, it is easy to be carried away by some flashy advertisements on Google and spend a fortune on hotels with needless facilities on business trips. Therefore, be very careful about the number and kind of facilities you get in a hotel.


Transportation is also a major factor when traveling from one city to another. And transportation does not simply include the flight from your city to the destination.

In fact, it includes the ride from your home to the airport, from the airport to your hotel and back, from hotel to the business meeting point etc. No doubt, it is good enough to book all these well in advance.


Generally, a business meeting would involve a number of people who might carry papers and would wish to offer digital presentations.

Therefore, if you could get a hotel which offers a preassembled conference room with enough facilities for business meetings, this would be quite good. Else, choosing a good spot near your hotel room could be handy.


As aforementioned, it is very easy to get carried away in everything and spend more than an essential amount, even if your employers are paying for it. Therefore, it is important to make a pricelist of the elements for which you are paying.

It is not essential to find the cheapest. But saving money by not spending it unnecessarily too is not a bad idea.


Again, business trips are not solely business-related, especially if you are in one of the most tourist-laden cities in the world. Therefore, while you visit such a city, you would need some essential elements such as good clothes (depending on the region and also its climatic conditions), handy bags, camera, sunglasses, personal makeup kit and lots of other such products.

No doubt, assembling all these elements by visiting different stores or even shopping them online from different stores is very hectic.

But what if you could get all these business travel essentials at a single spot without any hassles and at very reasonable prices? Wouldn’t it be so convenient?

It sure would be, and to help you in the process, Izygo has already planned for you. We are a one-stop shopping store for all your travel essentials, available at pocket-friendly prices.

So forget visiting different stores for different products and get all your traveling needs easily on Izygo.

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