Hands-Free Keychains: Stay Safe from Viruses and Infection

The world has literally seen the worst of a pandemic and this is something that is not getting suppressed any soon. And it can affect anybody at any place.

No matter how much you try to keep yourself contained at home, you would be required to go out for some basic needs and it’s then that you are at the highest risk of getting contaminated. Not just you, before you could actually see the symptoms of the virus, it would have already affected innumerable people around you and you can blame nobody for this.

In such a condition, the best you could do is keep yourself protected with the help of safety equipment and avoid using your hands in public places which are mostly touched by other people.

But how would you operate without using your hands? Surely, legs are not applicable in every place.

Well, the best solution to this is a handy hands-free keychain that has a special shape to serve a variety of purposes and is like a part of your hand.


The hands-free keychain is designed with a purpose. It is shaped in a manner that easily allows you to open doors, push the doors, press buttons, pick up products and serve a variety of other functions without any contact of your hand on such places.

You can easily wear this on your finger and make sure to keep yourself at a distance from the most-touched everyday public spaces.

Not just this, the hands-free keychain is easy to clean when you reach home. Just spray a bit of sanitizer and wipe it clean with a paper towel. And there you go. The sleek and smart product has already saved you from a potentially harmful surface with germs and does not even cost you much.

In fact, you can visit “Viv and Lou” to get these keychains in a variety of colors and designs to match them with your dress. Isn’t it so cool?

 Stay Safe from Viruses and Infection


The handsfree keychains can be used at a variety of places such as:

  • Pressing the lift buttons (both inside and outside the space)
  • Opening and closing the store doors. There is a special hook to hold the handle while pulling the door.
  • When pressing the buttons of an ATM machine. ATMs have the highest risk of being infected as they see a lot of people every day.
  • When putting your signatures on a digital signature machine
  • When picking up parcels left by the delivery person. Yes, the hook can be fitted on the box or on a string and the product can be lifted easily.
  • When turning the knob of a door

Besides these, you can also use this handy handsfree keychain in a variety of other places that are touched by lots of humans every day.

In this pandemic and quarantine period, it is essential to keep yourself utmost safe and untouched. Here is an innovative and trendy product on “Viv and Lou” to help you achieve this in an effortless manner.

Hands-free keychains

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